A Study of Reduction Policies in UK Cities

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    City: x - Population:

    Plans enacted by the City Council:

    None at the time of the survey.

    No suitable target data for CO2 and carbon reduction available at the time of writing.

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    This web page presents the findings of this publication, which discusses the policies decided by local administrations in a number of cities for the reduction of CO2 and Carbon emissions. The data presented here and in the original paper is from official sources such as policies, etc (?).

    You can switch between carbon and CO2 using the Target switch, and between the set targets and the time scale allocated for them using the Targets/Time Scale switch. The time scale display shows the target year to achieve the desired reduction and the baseline year to which the reduction refers to (edit please!).

    The targets can be set by the local authority to regulate its own behaviour when it comes to emissions (this is marked as "By Local Authority") to regulate the behaviour of all people, companies and other entities within its jurisdiction (this is marked as "Across Local Authority"), or both. (Heavy edit needed).

    Clicking on the bars in the histograms will display a dialog window (edit?) with information on the selected city.