UK Urban Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Database

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    Plans enacted by the City Council:

    None at the time of the survey.

    No suitable target data for CO2 and carbon reduction available at the time of writing.

    You can upload data by completing the popup webform. We only require a small amount of information – but crucial is that you provide evidence of the existence of a formal plan or strategy that is implementing the greenhouse gas emissions reduction. A link to a webpage is enough and we will validate the information.

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    You will be contacted by our team shortly to discuss inserting your plan in our database.

    Our database provides information on greenhouse gas mitigation strategies put in place by UK cities. Here you are able to explore and visualise formal commitments made by urban areas to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    Greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios are typically developed as national or international ‘top down’ strategies. This dataset provides an insight into activity and commitments that are being delivered from the ‘bottom up’. As you will see when you explore the data action at the urban scale is frequently poorly aligned with national strategies, or globally recommended levels of reduction. Unlike other similar datasets we do not rely on self-reporting, but require formal documentation of commitments, and have not limited ourselves to only large, or capital, cities.

    The original research is reported by Heidrich et al. (2013), the analysis of 200 EU cities is reported by Reckien et al. (2014).

    The value of this dataset comes from the large number of cities that are included. We therefore encourage you to help us grow the dataset to provide a comprehensive global view of city-led climate mitigation action by submitting evidence of urban action in cities that you know, or work in.

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    Data was originally collected via COST Action TU0902, funded by the European Science Foundation. Development of the web-interface was funded by an EPSRC Platform Grant in Earth Systems Engineering (EP/G013403/1).

    You can switch between targets of different types (i.e. Carbon or CO2 target), and view reduction magnitudes or their timeframe by using the switches. The bars on the timescale display indicate the target year by which reductions are sought, and the baseline year against which the target is measured.

    Another switch enables users to explore targets that cover only operations under the direct control of the local authority (marked as "Loc. Auth. only"), or targets that seek to mitigate emissions across the population, businesses and all other activities entities within the local authority’s jurisdiction (marked as "Across urban area"), or both when they are reported.

    Clicking on the bars in the histograms will display a popup window with specific information on the selected city.